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Our mission is simple: we help our clients find comfort and wellness. 

We do this through the therapeutic "healing touch" of today's most advanced massage chairs.

We are committed to offering the best of the best brand names in the massage chair industry.

We understand that a massage chair is a big investment in your health and wellness and shopping for it often can be an overwhelming experience for many consumers.  With a growing aging population and increased focus on a preventative and holistic approach to health, the massage chair industry has seen a rise in popularity in recent years.  As a result, this has attracted many new players in this market space and the vast majority of them are generic Chinese-factory chairs that are rebranded by any secondary market.  Unfortunately, these lower-cost chairs often are not subject to the high standards of quality and the companies rebranding them may not have the ability to service the chairs in the future due to lack of spare parts.  This is where our business stands apart from others.  We only carry massage chairs from reputable global brands that are sold worldwide and that have a financially strong company to stand behind it for many years to come.  


We are the first Furniture for Life gallery store in the state of Texas.  FFL Brands is Inc. 5000 company based in Boulder, Colorado for the past 15+ years.  With a strong reputation in customer service for many years, Furniture for Life gained the trust of big global brands such as Panasonic who generates over 70 billion dollars in revenue.  So you can shop with confidence that we only carry brands that have a solid business infrastructure, a six-sigma quality assurance program, and a commitment towards R&D for proprietary technology.  If you ever need service on our products, you will be served by an FFL Brands team member.


We also believe that consumers must experience massage chairs before making a purchase decision.  We highly discourage consumers from buying massage chairs online without first trying them out.  Everyone's body and preference for massage are unique and different.  It is impossible to effectively describe the nuances of each massage chair mechanism and choreography through just words.  Our customers often ask us "Which one is the best chair?"  No one can answer that question effectively and that is the reason why we have a physical brick-and-mortar store to serve the greater Dallas - Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex.  We are your massage chair experts and we will provide you with unbiased consultation so you can make the best decision that is just right for you with the brand names you can be confident of.

We are located inside of Shops at Willow Bend mall in Plano, Texas.  We are on the lower level right next to the entrance to Neiman Marcus.  If you live anywhere within 300 miles of Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex, we are the only brick-and-mortar store where you will find this many brands of massage chairs under one roof. 


We look forward to meeting you on your journey to finding that perfect "healing touch". 

"Take care of your body.  It's the only place you have to live."  Jim Rohn


Thank you for supporting local small businesses and see you soon.            

Customer Testimonials...

"Outstanding service!!! After days of research online I was unable to figure out the true differences between chairs. But in one visit they explained the differences between the chairs. Allowed me to try them out. No sales pressure and great service! I made my purchase and they quickly delivered! Highly recommended!" - W. Watson 

"Healing Touch staff is knowledgeable, personable and very easy to work with. He guided us towards the massage chair that best suited our needs and we never felt rushed or pushed to purchase. He delivered and set up the chair for us that same week at a very convenient time. 5 star experience, would highly recommend to friends and family." - Dr. Lee

"They found the exact massage chair that fit our needs. I live a very active lifestyle and was not aware of how much pain I was in until after I got the chair. I use the massage chair at least 1 to 2 times per-day. Decreased pain, increased mobility which increased activity level and satisfaction in life overall. I highly recommend this company and their product." - J. Martin


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