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Experience orthopedic relief through sound wave technology.



Immerse into a relaxing and deep massage perfected with avante-garde sound wave technology. HUTECH is devoted to creating technology and design that makes a healthier world for everyone.

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sonic wave massage technology.

A metal module vibrating sand around it.

Soft but deep
vibration massage

Sonic wave technology uses sound wave vibrations to stimulate the body past what is possible with regular massagers and massage rollers.

Roller and vibrating massage technology massaging the skin

Comparison Test

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The perfect recipe for relaxation

Music and Sound Vibration
Massage Therapy

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Music Sync Technology is the fusion of selected songs and therapeutic massage movements. Developed in cooperation between Universal Music and HUTECH, this harmony of technologies maximizes healing and synergy through sound vibrations and applied massage.

What is Music Sync Technology?

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Elegant and modern.

designed for ultimate comfort

HUTECH Kai massage chair with ambient lighting - blue

Choose a surface glow color of your preference to set the mood for your massage. Ambient lighting comes in blue, purple, green, and red.






Groundbreaking therapeutic soundwave technology for healthcare, beauty, medical care, and sports.

HUTECH has partnered with Evo Sonic, a world leading healthtech company, to utilize sound to create vibrations that flow directly into the body and provide an energy-based, non-invasive, drug-free, and holistic approach to health.

Join the movement
to bring avante garde technology into your healthy lifestyle.

Watch HUTECH's video about their massage machine technology and their mission to create “a healthier world for everyone.”

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