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Phantom II


Inspired by the first-class seating on the airplane.

The Bodyfriend Phantom II massage chair features an SL-Track. An L-track allows the roller to massage from your neck and wrap underneath your glutes to the back of your thighs. The massage roller has 4D capabilities with a rotating head to provide a four-ball or a two-ball massage when needed. The new exclusive brain massage programs will bring new meaning and peace to your life.

Prestigious. Above Expectation.
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Extensive. Thorough.
BODYFRIEND's Premium XD Massage Module
Customized massage system allows to set the range of the roller heads to protrude from the track which can provide a deeper massage along the contours of user’s body.
Auto Body Scanning
S&L Frame
Leg Adjust
Specialized Leg Massage



The 4D massage of the Bodyfriend Phantom II massage chair is able to transit from a quad style roller to a dual head. This functionality provides deep kneading for the back and then transform to concentrate on the shoulders. You can adjust the intensity through 5 levels in 2 settings for a very intense and deep massage.



The SL-Track of the Bodyfriend Phantom II gives you the benefits of the S-Track as the roller contours your spine, while the L-Track allows the rollers to travel from your neck, down your back, and wrap underneath your glutes to the back of your thighs.


The Zero Wall feature of the Bodyfriend Phantom II automatically slides the massage chair forward when the chair is reclined. This saves you the trouble of allocating extra space.



You can sync your personal mobile device with Bluetooth to play music while you are receiving a massage.


The Bodyfriend Phantom II massage chair has 16 automatic programs to soothe and aches and pains that you may have.

  • Waist-Focused: Massage mode targeting your core to strengthen the waist and improve body posture.

  • Neck/Shoulder: Acupressure massage and tapping massage targeting the neck and shoulders.

  • Recovery: Massage program concentrated on kneading the entire back for 30 minutes.

  • Stretch: Massage program using tapping and kneading techniques while fully reclining the body at different angles to gently stretch the legs and body separately.

  • Rest: Thirty-Minute concentrated kneading for the entire back.

  • Refresh: Simultaneously uses kneading and tapping techniques on the targeted shoulder area.

  • Auto Upper: Alternating tapping and acupressure massaging techniques throughout the upper body.

  • Auto Lower: Concentrating on relieving tension for the lower half of the body by massaging the legs and feet.

  • Office: Tapping and acupressure massage on the waist while reclining the body at different angles.

  • Hip-Up: Alternates acupressure and kneading on the hips and buttocks.

  • Athlete: Combination of tapping, kneading, and acupressure massage targeting the shoulders.

  • Adolescent: Massage program that gently massages the spine and pressure massage targeting the shoulders.

  • Rejuvenate: Tapping and acupressure massage targeting the shoulders and waist to relieve muscle knots and tension.

  • Lymphatic: Pinponted massage therapy to stimulate the Lymphatic system of arms and legs to drain toxins from the body.

  • Low Lymphatic: Alternates kneading and airbag massage techniques for the soles to eliminate feet swelling.

  • Digestive: Acupressure massage to facilitate digestion and improve circulation throughout the body.


Bodyfriend has exclusive massage modes that combine massage and binaural beat healing music to improve brain activity. A binaural beat is a third sound that is created in the brain when two sounds with varying frequencies enter each ear. This third sound aligns with brainwaves to allow the body to experience a deeper level of relaxation and heighten concentration levels.

  • Meditation: Meditation is a brain mode for those who experience high levels of stress on a daily basis. Massaging major acupoints found in Oriental medicinal practices while listening to healing binaural music help reduce stress and anxiety levels as well as stabilize emotional fluctuations.

  • Concentration: A massage to help heighten concentration levels for those experience reduced levels of concentration due to various factors such as extended periods of studying or overwork. Kneading and tapping massage focused on the neck, shoulders, and back to increase blood flow to the brain while binaural beat healing music plays to enhance cognitive skills. Brain massage has different phases throughout the program.

  • Relaxation: Massage mode for those who often experience muscle strain and mental fatigue. Improves concentration specializing on the upper body spots suck as the neck, shoulders, and back.

  • Feel Your Breath: Massage mode for those who have a hard time concentrating in daily life or get upset easily. Alleviates tension and anxiety by optimal acupuncture spots on the body.

  • Good Morning: Designed for those who have a hard time waking up in the morning; helps to activate the brain functions after sleep. Puts you in a good mood before starting the day be energizing the whole body and mind with positive thoughts through healing music and kneading/tapping massage techniques.

  • Deep Sleep: Designed for those who had a long day to help to take the edge off and getting rid of the heavy thoughts. Softly massage the body alongside healing music helping to finish the day with a rested mind.

  • Heal Your Mind: Healing massage for those who suffer from distressing memories and negative emotions associated. It helps to convert negative emotions into positive through body massage with bilateral stimulation, comforting, and uplifting.

  • Full of Hope: Healing massage for those who feel anxiety and restlessness due to uncertainty. It helps to effectively control the emotions through relaxation of tensed muscles and full body massage with bilateral stimulation and healing massages.

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