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Experience healing deep-tissue shiatsu massage that blends beautifully into any modern home.


Authentic Japanese massage, design inspired by Japanese nature. D.Core offers an unrivaled combination of design and deep tissue massage therapy.










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D.Core blends art and engineering with nature-inspired Japanese designs and authentic shiatsu massage.

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Brand Story

Beautiful in any home

Harmonious design inspired by Japanese philosophy.
Inspired by the Japanese philosophy “wabi-sabi”(侘寂), D.Core crafted their chairs with authentic black walnut wood and minimalist design for a natural, subtle, and refined feel that invites you to pause your busy day and relax.

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Human-like massage with True Shiatsu Action

With the help of massage therapist Dr. Takehiro Izawa, D.Core engineers have recreated the organic movements of human massage therapists.

Uniquely designed for deep massage and therapeutic relief

Experience remarkably life-like massage with rollers you won’t find elsewhere. Alleviate pain and discomfort, increase mobility, and enhance overall wellness.

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See our rollers in action

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The Brain Behind D.Core

Striving to improve people’s physical and mental health through massage chairs.

Starting in Osaka, Japan, Soschu Inada is a massage chair expert with two decades of experience. As a leading innovator in the massage chair industry, he uses his industry knowledge of massage chair engineering, design, and benefits to create high-quality massage chairs.

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CEO, Founder Shosu Inada

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