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Health benefit of massage is beyond stress and muscle tension

As many of us can attest, massage is good medicine for stress, muscle tension, and pain. Not only does it benefit the body itself, the caring attention of another human being supplies psychological comfort and a sense of connection. According to the Mayo Clinic, massage, together with standard treatments, is a beneficial “complementary and alternative medicine.”

Most of us, if we’re lucky enough to have enjoyed a good massage, could confirm that. Surrendering for blissful moments of treatment on a cushioned table while a professional massage therapist minister to all your aches and pains—who wouldn’t enjoy that? Who wouldn’t go home feeling refreshed, ready for whatever comes next, after a massage?

Benefits of Massage

However, on-going research suggests that the benefits of massage go beyond what most people know of. In addition to the “feel good” elements and the easily identifiable relief of muscle aches and pains, there may be significant other benefits as well. According to the Mayo Clinic site, some studies have found massage may also be helpful for: