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Is Shiatsu or Swedish Massage Right for Me?

Which massage style, Shiatsu or Swedish, is aligned with my unique needs? A more complete understanding of these styles of massage will help you find the massage that you want to receive everyday.

The Basics of Shiatsu and Swedish Massage

The Shiatsu massage style derives from eastern healing arts embraced by Japanese culture and has been referred to as an ‘energy medicine.’

The term shiatsu translates as finger pressure. Applying pressure with fingers, thumbs, and palms to strategic locations on the body defines this massage technique.

Shiatsu massage focuses on body harmony, provides relief from chronic pain, and enhances the body’s energy level.


The Swedish massage style known as the ‘classic massage’ is a western form of massage.

It involves the use of fingers or palms applied in long curving motions over large areas of the body.

The general direction of the massage is toward the heart and provides relaxation and enhanced circulation within the tissues. Kneading, tapping, pinching, and friction are additional techniques fundamental to Swedish massage.

This style is beneficial for overall body relaxation along with augmented circulation of outer body tissues. It is effective in raising endorphin levels and generating a healing mental attitude of calm peacefulness.

When applied properly, it should improve restfulness and sleep.

Who benefits from a Shiatsu Massage?

Shiatsu massage is beneficial for relief from chronic pain and ailments.

People who generally suffer from specific areas of pain such as the neck and shoulder, lower back, and middle back need a deep focused massage that targets their problem areas. These targeted motions have greatly benefited customers who suffer from:

  • Muscle injury

  • Chronic Lower Back Pain

  • Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain

  • Migraines

Customers who need a massage that targets specific chronic pain areas have been a big fan of the D.Core Cirrus and D.Core Stratus for their unique Shiatsu Rollers ; the HUTECH GTS9 for its deep proprietary sonic wave massage technique ; and the Panasonic MAJ7 for its firm directed intensity and accurate body scanning.

Who benefits from a Swedish Massage?

The Swedish massage is generally recommended for customers who require stress relief or a gentle relaxation.

The long gentle full body strokes rejuvenate and relieve tension throughout the body. It has been found to be beneficial for customers with:

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Arthritis

  • Insomnia

  • Anxiety

Customers who look for such a gentle relaxing massage have been a big fan of the OHCO M.8 for its full body heating and gentle intensity.

Where to go from here?

With massage styles ranging from a deep Japanese Shiatsu massage to a gentle Swedish massage, finding the right massage can be a difficult journey. At Healing Touch Massage Chairs, our team can provide clarity using ourconsultative method’.

If you are looking to find the perfect