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What is Reflexology and Foot Massage?

Reflexology is a specialized form of foot massage, and involves applying pressure to the soft tissues of soles and top of the foot. Foot massage can take many forms, but the most widely renowned is an ancient Chinese practice that is performed according to what are cal

led Chi Energy points. Also known as Reflexology, this foot massage technique teaches that various spots on the soles of each foot correspond to various internal organs, and the ending nerve points that correspond to each of these spots on the feet. As anyone who has had a good foot massage knows, it can change more than just your foot. Reflexology can influence your whole body and change your entire energy level.

As human beings, we are much more than the mere sum of our parts. Every part of your body is in some way connected to another. And applying just the right amount of pressure – in just the right way – on any given point will have an effect elsewhere. This is the basis of reflexology, where ancient art form meets science to map the key trigger points or “energy zones” in your body – all through the soles of your feet. By pressing or kneading these areas, you will be affected in your organs, glands, and elsewhere. In this holistic arena, reflexology truly sets itself apart from traditional massage.

But just because one goal of reflexology is to instigate therapy throughout the body via the feet, this doesn’t mean that modern reflexologists aren’t concerned with the feet themselves. Healthy feet promote good posture and overall well-being, and reflexology makes sure your feet are well taken care of.