May 18, 2024

Healing Touch vs Others

Healing Touch approaches the sharing of our product using a ‘Consultative Luxury Approach’. 

Healing Touch provides the rare opportunity for an informative and luxurious shopping experience.  Matching customers with a massage chair that adds comfort and therapy to the life experience is the goal.

The following is some additional ways to see how Healing Touch is not the average massage chair store.

  1. Product Range and Features:

  • Healing Touch Chairs Offers a diverse range of massage chairs with various features such as zero gravity positioning, shiatsu massage, heat therapy, and customizable massage programs in a luxurious setting. A consultative approach is employed to match the customer with a chair for their personal needs. 

  • Other stores focus on basic budget friendly chairs offering a limited range of function and design. They often focus on perceived technology that is questionable in value to the actual therapeutic nature of the massage experience.

  1. Quality and Durability:

  • Healing Touch Chairs: Emphasizes quality construction, use of premium materials and durable components to ensure long-lasting performance and customer satisfaction. The desired outcome is for the chair to be integrated into the customer’s lifestyle.

  • Other stores focus on cheaper chairs with non massage related features to raise the value and distract the customer from the actual benefit. These chairs are often cheaply produced in poorly regulated factories.

  1. Customer Service and Support:

  • Healing Touch Chairs emphasizes customer service from a personal perspective. The staff is available seven days a week to consult customers in selecting an effective massage chair.  Coupling prompt responses to inquiries and comprehensive after-sales support allows a level of personal interaction that goes beyond a simple transaction.

  • Other stores simply sit customers in the chair and the attending sales person has minimum training and knowledge on the components and features. Also other stores do not continue a long term ‘post sale’ relationship with their customers. 

  1. Price Range and Value Proposition:

  • Healing Touch Chairs: Positions itself as a mid-range to premium brand, offering high-quality curated global brand massage chairs at competitive prices, with a strong emphasis on value for money and therapeutic benefits.

  • Other stores focus on cheap brands which only offer basic massage functions. The value offered from these brands is very low compared to the globally recognized brands.. You can typically expect the price marketed for these brands to be much higher than their actual price because a key way these competitors add “value” is through promotion and perceived savings.

In conclusion, Healing Touch Chairs is distinguished by providing a diverse product range, quality construction, and excellent personal customer service within a luxurious environment. Ultimately, the choice of a massage chair is personal and depends on individual preferences. Visit Healing Touch soon so healing and comfort may begin.

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