July 12, 2023

Panasonic's Massage Chair Choreography: The MAK1's and MAJ7's 'Core' Stretch

Overview of the Mechanism

This article presents details concerning Panasonic's stretch choreography. It specifically emphasizes Panasonic's unique body stretch capability that is associated with the MAK1 and the MAJ7 massage chairs.

The focus is the proprietary ‘Core’ stretch.

Following will be detailed mechanism actions rarely presented to the consumer.

The reader has an opportunity to fully appreciate the amazing level of technology associated with the Panasonic MAJ7 and MAK1 massage chairs today. Enjoy!

Overview of the Mechanism

Panasonic's proprietary ‘Real Pro Ultra’ 4D mechanism is known for its exceptional articulation and dexterity. It provides deep relief that is achieved by a strong chiropractic massage. The advanced robotic mechanism is able to extend the rollers out by 4.9 inches and spread apart by 9.9 inches. It can also scribe a 0.394 inch diameter circle. This level of robotic performance represents the industry’s best. The MAK1 and MAJ7 utilize the ‘S’ track roller mechanism and combine the strategic use of its airbag system for a therapeutic stretch massage that is detailed and effective.

Activating the choreography

➧Directly accessing the ‘Core’ stretch.

Panasonic's unique ‘Real Pro Ultra’ 4D technology is renowned for its extraordinary flexibility and precision. It delivers profound relief through a powerful chiropractic massage. The cutting-edge robotic mechanism can extend rollers by 4.9 inches and separate them by 9.9 inches. Additionally, it can inscribe a 0.394 inch diameter circle. This degree of robotic functionality epitomizes the pinnacle of the industry. The MAK1 and MAJ7 incorporate the ‘S’ track roller system, merging it with the tactical deployment of airbags for a comprehensive and effective therapeutic stretch massage.

➧Begin with a comprehensive back scan.

A rapid recording of 1080 data points maps the body’s unique back contours. Mapping provides the basis for an accurate and ‘targeted’ massage. As the scan is completed, the rollers will briefly pause at the shoulder blades.

➧The program begins with a simple rolling massage.

The roller mechanism moves down, narrowing slightly, with all rollers applying equal pressure on the back. The downward roll continues to the lower back. This position will be the beginning for each of the following mechanism’s upward massage roll movements.

➧Early emphasis is on flexing the lower spine.

The first upward roll begins with the reorienting of the mechanism to emphasize the top rollers. The rollers immediately narrow to focus on the spine. The first upward roll is very gentle. The next three upward rolling massages are firm with a lifting action that reaches the ribcage. The effect is an arching of the lower spine and mobilization of the vertebrae to promote relief of stiffness providing increased mobility. Simultaneously, the rear seat airbags slowly inflate to lift the torso in preparation of the approaching spinal traction.

➧Spinal relief intensifies with the next two upward rolls.

Upward roll five applies the maximum pressure to the spine. The shoulder and lower leg airbags inflate simultaneously as the lower legs drop, producing the first spinal stretch. The mechanism pauses allowing a prolonged traction period. Relaxation of the push combined with a brief deflation of the shoulder and leg airbags transitions into the shoulder airbags reinfalating for a second upward push opening and stretching the chest.

➧Spinal decompression occurs with the final upward roll.

The roller mechanism moves into the middle of the ribcage. The shoulder and seat airbags deflate, suspending the torso on the top two rollers. This action accomplishes a remarkable stretch felt from the ribcage through the lower spine and into the hip/leg joints, ending the ‘Core’ stretch program.

Relief from the ‘Core’ stretch

Healing Touch Massage Chairs is the only authorized Panasonic dealer in North Texas. Our associates are excited to offer the opportunity to personally experience the MAK1 and MAJ7.

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Healing Touch Massage Chairs encourages a personal experience when possible. We are here to help you find the perfect chair that meets your unique needs. It could be the change needed for a better life.

Come see us in person.

Healing Touch Massage Chairs encourages a personal experience when possible. We are here to help you find the perfect chair that meets your unique needs. It could be the change needed for a better life.

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