May 18, 2024

OHCO M.8 Neo: A New Paradigm

How do you make a better massage chair?

The new OHCO M.8, known as the Neo, is the result of OHCO’s reassessment of a great massage chair and willingness to push the design even further.

OHCO recognized a number of ways to improve the design of the M.8, yet stay true to the original theme. These include some innovative redesigns of the chair’s physical components and enhancing the already impressive digital features. 

The following are some of the outstanding features of the OHCO M.8 Neo.

OHCO M8 LE NEO Saddle, Designed by Ken Okuyama

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Stabilized Head Pillow

Starting from the top, OHCO redesigned the ‘dedicated’ massage head pillow, a feature found on no other current massage chair. The pillow has been stabilized with the addition of high friction panels. With the enhanced pillow stability OHCO added an additional back cushion and made them detachable. The new design provides the selectability of two, one, or no back cushions. The four variations of the cushioning between the person and the main massage roller mechanism adds a greater degree of tactile control between the mechanism’s rollers and the user. Additionally, the pillow roller mechanism rollers are now softer for an improved massaging experience..

Shoulder Hugging

The redesign of the vertical shoulder air cells stabilizers is truly a marvel. The new air cell shoulder stabilizers, known as the X-Y Shoulder Stabilizers, are able to provide a true shoulder hugging effect. The new design now both stabilizes the shoulder and corrects the shoulder alignment for better posture and an enhanced chest stretch.

Larger Arms Accommodation

The arm wells have received attention. The new design accommodates larger arm diameters and allows a more complete arm massage from the ‘Arms of Embrace’s’ 12 air cell design.

Multicolor Light Pool

OHCO upgraded the M.8’s ‘M-sense’ external lighting so it has multicolor capabilities. This enhancement allows for the chromotherapy stimulation to be projected by the remote screen or the OHCO M.8 Neo’s external light pool system. This will be appreciated by those who use this type of therapy.

Variable Stretch Intensity

The OHCO M.8 Neo ‘Max Track’ - ‘Sens8’ 4D engine ‘Stretch’ experience has added three levels of intensity while in the ‘Quick’, ‘Stretch’, ‘Tai’ massage programs. Greater control with one of the significant attributes for the ‘M’ series.

Fourth Roller Intensity Level

The 3D intensity control now has a fourth level, the ‘Blue’ intensity level. This addition allows the OHCO M.8 Neo to be even more therapeutically capable for truly deep tissue massage capacity.

Four New Programs

The available program selection has increased by four, to eighteen, with new additions; Swedish, Rolling Table, Thai, and Work Release. All four are amazing experiences

Personal Massage Memory

Seven personal massage memories  are now available with the OHCO M.8 Neo’s upgraded remote control. Some users really enjoy personal choice and now the OHCO M.8 Neo provides.

Seventh Heat Zone

The independently controlled heated zones have increased to seven, with the new ‘Calves’ heat zone. Now the OHCO M.8 Neo has 7 independently controllable heat zones. If ‘Infrared Therapy’ is needed, certainly consider the OHCO M.8 Neo.

Check our new OHCO M8 NEO Youtube Video

Healing Touch Massage Chairs

OHCO’s M.8 Neo massage chair is the next evolutionary step for the incredible   ‘M’ series massage chair legacy. 

What OHCO has accomplished is to provide a uniquely unprecedented ‘M’ series experience, a new paradigm, that will appeal to a broader spectrum of massage chair candidates. 

Healing Touch believes a personal experience is required for a proper massage chair selection. The OHCO M.8 Neo is available for consideration. It could be life changing.

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