March 24, 2024

Brio Sport, designed for sports recovery

Positive Posture Brio Sport, Designed & Engineered in Boulder, Colorado

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49' L Track With Side Hip Air Cells

The 49” ‘L’ track is an established design and provides enormous massage coverage that goes all the way down to glutes and upper hamstrings.

‘True zero gravity’ posture is an amazing posture for maximum relaxation as a therapeutic massage is applied.  This posture reaches a 157 degree angle of recline. The footrest, with foot rollers, achieves 80 degrees of variation with a 7” extension. 

On top of that, Brio Sport provides effective recovery with the hip area side air cells. These air cells allow the chair to apply gentle but deeply therapeutic flexing of the lower spine/ hip area. This focus is to regain flexibility in a crucial part of the body as soon as possible, thereby minimizing recovery time. 

Programs for Recovery and Posture Correction.

'Sports Massage’ and ‘Recovery’ along with supporting programs ‘Core Rotation’, ‘Stretch’, ‘Warm up’, and ‘Cool Down’ clearly show the overall theme of the Brio Sport.

The oversized shoulder stabilizers and hip airbags of Brio Sport not only compress body but actively align the shoulder and spine promoting proper posture and circulation. 

To further address unique massage needs, 7 selections of manual massage are available. These selections allow further refinement with varying styles, roller range, intensity, speed, and width of the rollers reach.

For ‘Air Compression’ only, the Positive Posture Brio Sport allows 4 different ‘Air Compression' selections.

Other Notable Features

The carbon fiber upholstery of the Positive Posture Brio Sport provides a signature style. Why carbon fiber? It is a ‘call out’ to the chair’s sports theme. Beyond this, the fabric is tough and attractive. 

Brio Sport is equipped with a removable head pillow and back pad. Using or removing these components allows users to easily change massage intensity.

Heat is beneficial for recovery. Brio Sport provides thermal therapy while heated rollers apply tactile massage. The chair applies heating under the seat and in the calf areas. Heat encourages increased blood circulation to get nutrients to needy tissues and helps toxin removal,  promoting faster recovery. 

Why Brio Sport?

Comprehensive fitness programming should be comprised of three categories: Resistance. Cardio. Recovery. The Brio Sport massage chair by Positive Posture offers a comprehensive recovery solution in one piece of equipment.

As an authorized Positive Posture dealer in North Texas we carry multiple models and are uniquely equipped to aid you in your journey to choose the correct massage chair.

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